Writing on Quora – How Can It Benefit New Writers

The beginning of a person’s writing journey is full of excitement yet uncertainty. You often find yourself in a situation asking questions like, ‘Where do I write for exposure?‘, ‘What do I write to be relevant?’, ‘How do I write to engage?’ or even sometimes, ‘Why do I even want to write?’ The point is – you have a vast amount of passion but no expertise or experience.

Expertise is something we build over time – piece by piece. Ask any content writer. They will tell you two of the typical prerequisites of a writing career or writing hobby: reading and practicing writing. As long as exercising writing is concerned, Quora is one of the best platforms to start.

writing on quora

Here’s how writing on Quora can benefit you:

  1. You always have a topic

Remember when we talked about wondering what to write? With many thought-provoking questions about anything and everything, you can now start writing your opinions or answers for those questions. While writing your opinions or responses, you will find yourself trying to articulate your thoughts, which you can hone with time and practice.

  1. You can use some motivation

If you are writing your life stories or experiences, you will eventually find people responding to them or providing feedback. With instant up-vote and down-vote options, you will know which stories are engaging and which are not. Delivering a story to engage the readers and something that they enjoy is a skill that comes with time, practice, and of course mistakes.

However, positive feedback when writing on Quora will motivate you to write more and improve your skills.

  1. You can build a reader base

For every writer, the biggest blessing is to have readers. And it is not something that happens overnight. Whatever you are writing- a blog or a book, you will be left struggling without a reader base. But here’s how Quora helps – it helps a new writer reach an audience and build a following. On Quora, people are always waiting for the right or the most relatable answer, or sometimes just a well-structured content/solution.

You may find as low as only one or two views in the beginning, but you may get over 100,000 and people following your answers if you keep on writing on Quora. For a budding writer, that can be everything.

  1. You can gain knowledge

As we mentioned before, reading is one of the prerequisites of writing; being a writer on Quora requires the same. Being a Quora writer makes you read other writers’ answers – their writing language, stories, thoughts, experience, and flow of expression. But apart from that, you also have to read and research before you post your answer.

Knowing the answer or having an opinion is one thing. Writing it down to make it understandable, useful and appropriate for readers is another. So, while you read and research, you are continually adding to your knowledge base.


To be a successful writer is not just about writing but also learning to cater to the readers, making professional friends and learning from mistakes. This is something that writing on Quora can help you with.

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