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Writing an outline – Write or Mind

writing an outline

Using an outline before writing your article will help to keep the idea in mind. Often imaginative ideas suddenly disappear from the mind. But, is it really possible for the brain to save the idea? Maybe or not, but you still need an outline. Because it will serve as a guide regarding the flow of the content of the story. This makes sure you don’t forget the sequence of each chapter and scene of the story.

If you have issues creating an outline, you can research or ask well-known professionals. You can also learn by practice.

But, did you know there are two different types of Outline?

1. Write

It is placed in Extra Notebook or Extra Writing Apps. These are the plans developed in the story such as:

  • Ideas

When you are doing something else, and suddenly a sequel scene enters your mind, it can be written in Extra Notebook or Extra Writing Apps, even if it’s just a few sentences. It can be up to two paragraphs, or it is up to you.

  • Chapter

You can summarize each chapter of the scene. It is also an excellent help for your novel’s scene to flow continuously to the end.

  • Research-Based on The Story

It has something to do with the story’s plot, where it contains additional knowledge for the readers. Example: Your character is a detective. You can research real instances of how a detective solves the case and catches the culprit for your story.

  • Twist

It’s for those who want to add a twist with a well-thought-out idea. But make sure it makes sense and adds to the flow of the story.

  • Plot

This serves as a round-up of the whole story, from Beginning, Middle, Hook, Climax, and the End.

2. Mind

It can create an idea, but it is the continuous writing of the story’s flow using only the mind. Writers most often use this. First, I wasn’t aware of writing an outline. 

Second, the idea formed saves in the brain. Finally, there is no plan to write an outline as long as you can write the whole story in your mind until the end.

Not using Outline is associated with the fact that the story’s flow may change, but if you twist it, it has a chance to make the story better. And if you remember the sequence of the story flow, you are a legend.

All writers are great when it comes to sharing knowledge and imagination. Even readers are broad-minded because they can imagine the content of the author’s work.

Lastly, I want to ask if you use Outline. Do you Write or Mind? 

You can comment on what you think about it.

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