Writing a novel: A 10 step guide

writing a novel

As an aspiring writer, you must have dreamt of getting published, topping the bestseller charts, and even writing a masterpiece. You’ll be surprised to know that writing a novel requires as much consistency as your literary skill. So if you’ve also encountered hurdles in your journey, follow this guide to achieve your goals.

  1. The Idea.

To win over the masses, – your story idea should be fresh, engaging, and uniformly structured. The story should have an exciting pace and never seen before concept. If your thoughts can make readers stick to their chairs, you’ve succeeded. The idea should be motivating for you too.

  1. Characterization

Now when you’ve got a mesmerizing idea on the works, what you need next is powerful characterization. Your primary focus should be on the protagonist, spinning the web around his/her identity, actions, and reactions. Remarkable and astonishing characters like Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes make your book stand the test of time.

  1. Outlining Everything.

A well-planned plot is the essence of a great story. The plot should resound with your characters’ actions and destinies. The plot should include a great opening sequence, progression, and a climactic ending. 

  1. Study, Study And Find Out.

You may be writing novels, but your success lies in believability. Any good book is finely tuned up to its every little detail. Ensure you do thorough research on your backstories, locations, props, cultural references, and technicalities. Although you’re writing fiction, even a tiny plot hole can drown your ship. Take help of sources like web, academics, expert inputs, etc.

  1. Vision Is Important.

The vision here refers to how you and your readers will see your novel while reading.  The way of writing a novel can be subjective or objective. Also, the narration and use of proper point of views are what sets the theme for the progression of your story. The 3rd person POV is best to encapture the feelings and mindset of every character and present it in a captivating way.

  1. Don’t Complicate Things.

If you want people to stick to your writing, you must make an impressive and straightforward start. A novel is supposed to be captivating and gritty, but you shouldn’t jump on to too many details or diversions from the start.

  1. Enter Into Your Reader’s Mind.

This tip refers to creating the magic before your reader’s eyes. While reading your novel, someone shouldn’t only enjoy it but relive it in their mind. Your end goal is to create such images which can’t even be replicated through movies or shows.

  1. Prioritize The Protagonist

The success of your novel depends on whether your reader is also following your protagonist’s journey. Your character should develop  with the difficulties he/she faces and crush them with a satisfying finish.

  1. Climax Is The Key.

The peak of excitement, ecstasy, and the highest point of engagement is the climax of your story. This part makes or breaks your novel. Make sure it is thrilling, making readers bite their nails and wonder what could be the result or how their hero would come out of dire adversity. The heart-stopping tension and a rewarding conclusion are the elements of a good climax.

  1. The perfect book

Ensure your readers are compensated for their time and effort with a complementing, befitting, and conclusive ending. The ending should clear the whole picture and make your experience of writing a novel emotionally fulfilling too.

So don’t be afraid to follow your ambitions and put in the hard work. Follow these tips and get read to present the next literary art piece in front of the world!

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