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Writing a Book – Tips And Advice For Writers

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By: Edmalyn Rose Petras

All of us writers wish to publish our book someday. Being a published writer/author is a dream for many aspiring writers.  In this post, I will take you through an effective process of writing a book. This post is for new and old writers alike, if they think they need to improve themselves in writing.

While writing is not easy, it is not too difficult for people who have a vast imagination and ponder a lot, and effectively use their words to express themselves. But, if practiced enough, writing is for everyone. It shares the ever-wandering imagination of a writer.

Primarily, you need to think carefully about the content’s concept and its niche before setting out to write a book. Think about how to get the readers’ attention so that the content on each page of the book impresses them more, and they refuse to put it down!

 And of course, they should feel the impact, as if that book attracts them to continue their reading. Without a good plot, it is nearly impossible to keep a reader hooked to your book. By now, you must have understood the importance of a good plot.

There are several steps through which you can craft a good book. Albeit a long and tedious process, it is gratifying in the end!

  1. Select a niche of your interest

Write about the niche that you love the most. If you like reading books of mystery, romance, horror, or a non-fictional genre, it is best to write on the same.

  • Read books

When you read other books of the same genre, observe the plot and the style they have used, it gives you a broad idea of what hooks the readers. But the imagined method must be more original than the others. And it is better to study those that should be used such as; Punctuation Mark, Settings, Concept, Flow, End, Plot twist, etc.

  • Create an outline

Create an outline of the story. Its purpose is to follow a specific flow of content. If you stray, move on and focus. It is good to have inspiration or motivation to have a good time in your life. A writing buddy will make sure you follow the deadlines allotted to yourself.

  • Add personal bits

You have experienced something painful in the past. You can use that experience to write and convey to your readers. This adds a realistic touch to fictional stories. Of course, add a twist for something more unique.

  • Never give up

Don’t be ashamed of what talent you have. Show your talent and improve it consistently to get the goal you want. Be positive and do not give up. Keep writing, enjoy yourself! Work, rework, write, rewrite, edit, re-edit, and you might have several drafts before you get the final version. It can be a long journey, but indeed a fruitful one.

The advice to writers is to write about what they feel passionate about and stay consistent in their efforts!

4 thoughts on “Writing a Book – Tips And Advice For Writers”

  1. Looking for inspiration through reading is great advice. You can get so many ideas from others, without doing it just like them. You always have to keep originality and your voice but it’s definitely a great start for writers; whether new or seasoned.

    And of course, never give up or underestimate yourself and potential. It’s so easy to feel discouraged. Simply work everyday a little bit towards your goal and you will be successful.

    xo Erica

  2. I am not personally looking to write a book anytime soon, but these are some great suggestions for those that are! I definitely agree with finding that niche and looking elsewhere for inspiration. 😊 x

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