What’s a day in the Life of a Freelance Writer like?

Are you all set to experience the life of a freelance writer? You’re bound to have some butterflies in your stomach before you take up freelancing. Freelancing often requires a great blend of passion and wisdom or skill. To outsiders, it may seem like freelancers have it all easy and liberal, but let me tell you, it can be pretty challenging at times. Most times!

So, without further ado, let’s take you through a typical day in the life of a freelance writer.

Being a freelancer comes with an equal amount of liberty and individual responsibility. You need to follow an apt schedule for disciplining yourself. This helps in meeting deadlines and carrying on with life.

Let’s look at a working day in the life of a freelance writer-

7:00 AM – Wake up, have tea or coffee, and go through the daily news, trending articles, Twitter feeds, etc.

8:00 AM – Going through emails, messages, daily work routine, upcoming events, and replying to any queries at a glance, and checking notifications. Prepare a plan for the day and tasks I have to achieve, prioritize the tasks, and give them a time slot. Also, time for some healthy nutrition to fuel me through the day.

9:00 AM- Time to get to work. I have my method to tackle any particular topic. First, I design any case from the scrape. Starting with a blank site, I research, analyze and frame the headings and related subheadings. After that, it is pretty straightforward and feels like putting colors in a coloring book.

10:30 AM – Now it’s time to shift gears. When I’ve completed one of the more complex tasks, it first calls for writing something mainstream like a press release, website content, research, or niche articles. Also, I’ll need some juice or coffee at this time.

NOON- Time to have a break. This is the most productive time for my private errands. I prepare lunch, do some household work, and have a healthy lunch at the same time.

1:30 PM– Time to submit my work, follow up on any other messages or emails. Also, this is a bit of a slow time, so I prefer to attend calls, prepare replies and conclude my official communications.

2:00 PM- Time to take my work to an end for the day. Finalizing, editing, and saving it happens here.

3:00 PM– Checking off items from my to-do list, making plans for tomorrow’s work, and finishing my work.

4:00 PM- Rechecking mails, reading web articles, and adding courses or videos to my time to improve my SEO/marketing/ creativity skills.

5:00 PM- It’s time to work out, shop, walk out my pet, and have a typical day like you guys.

Evenings and weekends include spending time with my family and hanging out.

Any day could be more productive if you start the right way. I prefer to get my writing done in the early morning or around that period. One is high with energy and feels fresh at that time. Also, this can be combined with the client communication routine. Most professionals work as per a usual office schedule. It is easy to contact them early morning or at lunchtime.

The daily grind sure starts to take a toll, and when anyone feels like it, they should try revamping their routine. I tend to switch to night work and late sleep schedules on some Saturdays to break the habit. Some days there is too much work and balancing your personal life also gets complicated. On these days, you have to hold yourself together and attend one thing at a time. So this was a glance into a life of a freelance writer from my eyes. But every freelancer has a different story, and this is the beauty of freelancing. What’s your daily routine like?

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