The Startup Story of The Bulletin Boards

The startup story of The Bulletin Boards is an intriguing one. Prachi, who worked in a multinational company, always knew there is more to her than just a typical 9 to 5 job. She was keen on developing a woman-driven and prolific stand in the industry. The mere thought of creating a company of her own motivated her to the core.

the startup story

Prachi was too attached to the digital marketing field for a very long time. She always knew that content is the king and marketing is the queen. In the emerging world, digitalization seemed like the ultimate key to open all the locks. She also saw a massive shift from conventional marketing strategies to digital marketing. The requirement for digital marketers and service providers was phenomenal, and that’s how she emerged with her own startup, The Bulletin Boards

The idea to introduce “The Bulletin Boards” developed in a critical phase where the industry lacked precise exposure to incredible digital marketing techniques  and strategies.

Prachi had known Bhanu Pratap Singh, the co-founder of The Bulletin Boards, for many years. He had excellent techniques and ideas that were always cherished by her and the members of their startup. His expertise has proved to be remarkable in giving a robust exposure to their platform. With his consistent support and assistance, their team had facilitated multiple business owners and executed their projects with great success.

What sets the startup story of The Bulletin Boards apart is that they believe in supreme quality and nothing less. They believe their top-notch quality adds a spark to their services and distinguishes them from the rest. Since its inception in 2018, The Bulletin Boards has kept up with gigantic heights to deliver comprehensive solutions to many verticals.  Also, the cultural values of their company embrace the market requirements aggressively and with absolute proficiency. They have complete faith and belief in the consistency and supremacy of their services.

However, the lockdown has not been kind for most startups globally. During the lockdown, almost the entire world adopted the work from home practice. It proved to be beneficial for most online businesses. In the sudden and challenging times of lockdown, there was an extraordinary uncertainty in the industry. The first few weeks of lockdown were quite challenging to process and streamline as per the services. However, the team managed to process the situation very well and arose successfully from it.

The values and principles of The Bulletin Boards’ group kept them going as a business, and it has further strengthened their abilities and skills to face any challenges. The active size of The Bulletin Boards is around 40 at present. They are currently working with less staff in the office but keep on hiring more virtual employees, as it is the need of the hour.

startup story

The services offered by the team are artistic, as they specialize in creating excellent digital marketing strategies and out-of-the-box ideas. Prachi says that they here to stay for a long time and shall strive to win the hearts of many groups and communities with their work.

Prachi says, “For me, success is availing the helpful digital request sites and services to the businesses and satisfying them to the core. I believe in facilitating rich digital marketing services and tools to back the era of digital entrepreneurship. My vision with the company is to align with the much-celebrated digital marketing standards and build an astonishing marketing presence.  I would specifically say I have been blessed with the best. My company, employees, and their dedication towards building a great platform, are all my motivation.”

You can check out the latest marketing trends, tips, ideas and strategies on their platform. The Bulletin Boards remains prompt with their services and ensures a comprehensive successful digital marketing strategy to the brands they cater to!

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