The Startup Story of Digital Marketing Insights

Digital Marketing is increasingly being adopted by startups and MNCs alike. Even through the pandemic, the field has been on its zenith. According to statistics, almost 60% of the world’s population uses the Internet. It was only two years ago that it was just 40%. Isn’t that a significant increase in a time gap of just two years?

Quickly people are turning to the Internet for just about anything. The Indian nation is home to one of the world’s most significant populations of internet users. India will have almost 974.86 million internet users by 2025.

The digital marketing industry is worth $68 billion and rising at a 40% annual pace. Job functions and options can only expand as the number of internet users and companies embracing digital marketing grow.

startup story of DMI

Ishita Mehta, being a dynamic and talented individual, decided to make the perfect use of the situation. Ishita started by sharing a few digital marketing tips online. Later, when her insights became famous, she initiated her own startup ‘Digital Marketing Insights’ (DMI). Digital Marketing Insights grew steadily, and the company started managing other businesses’ profiles. It was tough to generate qualified leads initially, but as the business grew with sheer hard work, it became possible to generate leads.

Just like every startup story, Digital Marketing Insights had a fair share of hurdles on the way, but currently, it has managed to emerge as a promising startup of the decade. For a startup entrepreneur, it is easier to break even here than anywhere else because of the number of consumers and users in India. If a commodity can meet customer demand, whether it’s a tangible item, an app, or a service, it can invariably become profitable quickly.

Digital Marketing Insights specializes in providing social media marketing services to a range of businesses and celebrities. Digital Marketing Insights stands to be a perfect example for upcoming social media marketers with a creative mind and an innovative strategic plan. They offer a variety of packages that can help you manage your social media accounts.

startup story

The company’s founder, Ishita, says, “We begin each new package with a strategic and creative plan, which serves as a guide for the entire campaign. We aim to provide something new not just for our clients but for their users too.”

With just a few months-old businesses, Ishita has managed to stand out with her honesty, fairness, and trustworthiness. Her small team of three members is currently working towards achieving maximum customer satisfaction and explore new leads.

As digital marketing tools, insights, trends, and challenges increase and change with each passing day, the team DMI keeps itself updated with the new trends in the digital marketing market. They believe this helps them stay ahead of their competitors. Currently, Digital Marketing Insights works to serve customers with all possible digital marketing services on hand. As the world keeps changing and the need for Digital Marketing increases, it looks out for a promising future in the field.

This was the startup story of Digital Marketing Insights. If you want to stay updated with the latest digital marketing trends, make sure you follow them on their Instagram channel!

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