The Startup Story of Contapp – From Problem to Innovative Solution

They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions. The startup story of Contapp is on similar lines. As seen on Ticker News in Australia for its innovation, Contapp is a tech startup that shouldn’t be ignored.

the startup story of contapp

How it all started

Giuseppe Milazzo is the Founder of Contapp, and he used to meet a LOT of people throughout his marketing career in the UK. He was going to a lot of events, exhibitions, and meetings.

After returning home, he was stuck with a pile of business cards that were very difficult to manage. Most of the time, he didn’t remember the details of who he met, what they spoke about, and any future collaboration possibilities. He would stack the visiting cards in his drawer, and they were never looked at again!

This brought into his eyes the many problems with printed business cards, such as:

  • Expensive to print and design.
  • Difficult to manage and search for the right people.
  • Information can’t be amended (e.g., job title change)
  • Not sustainable or environmentally friendly
  • They can be lost or damaged.
  • Manually inputting data into a database
  • Requires meeting people face-to-face only.
  • Unhygienic when exchanging information.
  • It takes up a lot of unnecessary space.
  • You are required to carry business cards around with you.
  • Not appropriate as per today’s digital world.
  • Limited information like contact number and address only.


the startup story of contapp

The birth of Contapp

Eventually, Giuseppe wondered if there could be a better way of managing these vital bits of business information. This led him to search for an app that would serve the purpose.

He was shocked by the lack of quality, usability, and convenience of existing business card scanning apps. They were challenging to use, not user-friendly, and had a poor UI/UX. They were causing more problems than actually solving them.

Convenience and cost were a big problem with printed business cards, but there was also a massive environmental issue. Giuseppe has always been passionate about reducing paper waste and made it his mission to help solve this global issue.

This led to the birth of Contapp. That’s how the startup story of Contapp started. In a nutshell, Contapp is the more thoughtful and convenient way of digitally managing & using business cards while reducing paper waste globally. Contapp is pivoting towards becoming a personal business hub rather than just a business card scanner.

Why Giuseppe Chose this Field?

He answers this by saying, “Almost everyone in business has a smartphone, and apps account for 89% of mobile media time. Our smartphones are something we use every single day for work, entertainment, and convenience. Contapp is a convenient business tool, so a mobile app was something that made the most sense to us.”

“In business, we use our mobile phones to stay connected with colleagues and customers. Contapp is an app that keeps individuals connected to the people they’ve met without manually entering their phone contact details. The beauty of our business tool is that you can scan, save, share & manage, from their digital business card via your smartphone.”

The Ideology and Motivation Behind Contapp

Founded and managed solely by Giuseppe Milazzo, Contapp is an entirely bootstrapped tech startup with no money spent on marketing or outside investment. They have grown organically ever since the launch of their app in the App Stores in 2020.

Giuseppe gains motivation from Contapp as it adds convenience, makes processes more streamlined, and is adopted in people’s daily working lives. Positive feedback from users is a huge motivational factor, and they treat customers as an absolute priority.

Also, if Contapp is adopted on a large scale by businesses worldwide, it will cause a substantial reduction in paper wastage globally. This very thought motivates him every day. He aims to make a positive change for the planet through the convenience provided by the Contapp business tool. The startup story of Contapp is massively inspired by the passion to reduce wastage and preserve natural resources.

What sets Contapp apart from its competitors?

To answer this question, Giuseppe says, “We focus on building a user-friendly business tool that can be used by anyone, at any age and any level of employment. User convenience, usability, security, and being streamlined were some of the main motives of our development.”

“Contapp can be used as a digital business card and a business card manager, with many unique features that can’t be found on competitor business tools. Something that most other apps do either or, not both.”

“As a customer centric-startup, we always encourage our users to add their feedback and ideas to develop the Contapp platform further. With every feedback we get from our community, we analyze and test new ideas for future updates. This is why we value our users so much and will continue to do this for the rest of time.”

Size and Culture at Contapp

Founder and CEO Giuseppe Milazzo has a team of outsourced application developers who help manage his app. They support innovation, startups, and H2H (Human 2 Human) branding.
Giuseppe says, “Our branding is bold and fun, which fits our company ethos perfectly. As an app user, it’s essential to use business tools that have great UI, which is something most tech startups have prioritized in the recent years.”

Challenges Faced by Contapp

While Contapp identified a gap in the market and capitalized on it, things weren’t easy for them. It is known that getting the right coverage for startups can be very difficult unless they spend a fortune on their marketing. They had to be patient and grow organically, which requires time but helps the business in the long run.

Even though Contapp has collaborated with other startups and bloggers, they found it challenging to find a consistent and adequate response to its collaborations and partnerships.

Contapp and Covid-19

On asking about how Covid-19 impacted Contapp, Guiseppe replies, “Contapp launched in the app stores late February 2020, just before COVID hit the UK. Our quick-thinking team managed to turn a crisis into an opportunity!”

“Business professionals now see Contapp as the hygienic, safest and most convenient way of digitally managing & sharing business cards. In a time where we can’t physically share business cards face-to-face, printed business cards become irrelevant. Contapp users can seamlessly send and exchange business cards to anyone in the world, contactless via their smartphone.”

the startup story of contapp

Vision and Future of Contapp

Making a positive impact on people via their product, whether at work or in their daily lives, is the definition of success for Giuseppe. 

He says, “As we continue to grow, Contapp will become more of a personal business hub, which will include integrations from leading software. This will add value to our users around the world, as they will become even more connected with clients/customers and their back-office team through leading software they’re already using within their business (e.g., CRM’s, Google Calendar, Zoom, Slack, LinkedIn, etc.).”

“Contapp will be the best solution for business professionals and business owners who value convenience, sustainability & streamlined processes. We have an exciting roadmap and a vision for Contapp to be implemented for individuals and corporations worldwide.

This is very achievable, and as we continue to grow with cutting-edge features, Contapp will become a must-have business tool for adding value to users around the world.”

Giuseppe adds, “At the time of this interview, we’re testing our biggest & most innovative app update, called Contapp | Orca 3.0. This app update (driven by user feedback) will completely revolutionize our business tool. One step closer to becoming an all-in-one personal business hub with powerful integrations & unique features, on track with our exciting roadmap.”

“Everyone at Contapp deserves the accolades as they are part of our startup growth, not just me. I’m just spearheading the movement to become more environmentally friendly, but also making business card management more streamlined via our innovative business tool.”

With an innovative tech solution such as Contapp, a drive for excellence, and a chalked-out vision, Giuseppe is confident about his startup and its ability to reach every corner of the world. Are you fascinated by the startup story of Contapp? You can download Contapp for free today for iOS & Android – they recently launched their highly anticipated Orca 3.0 software update as well.

We highly recommend trying this innovative business tool, which anyone and everyone can use. Become part of the solution instead of the problem. Create your free digital business card, improved business card management, and join Contapp’s startup journey today! You can also follow Contapp on Instagram, Linked In & Facebook – or join their community on Discord. If you too have an initiative like the startup story of Contapp, you can get your own startup story featured with us.

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