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Educational institutes and coaching centers are feeling the pressure of reaching their students ever since this pandemic struck. The impact of coronavirus has been widely observed in the education and event sector. Even though education has always been available online, in the past 1.5 years, it has shifted base online more prominently than ever. Students are desperately trying to find test series online, online lectures and forums.

The challenges that coaching institutes and other institutions are facing in providing offline educational classes to students at this time are:

  • Adherence to strict social distancing guidelines for a large batch of students
  • Unavailability of centers and venues for teaching in person.
  • The hesitation of students and their parents for offline coaching
  • Reaching the students in the worst-affected states of India due to strict lockdown guidelines
  • Conducting and supervising consistent mock tests and self-test material
  • Tracking the progress of students and giving them individual attention
  • Giving timely assignments to the students and providing feedback on each student’s performance

But online teaching is not as simple as it sounds. Especially when it comes to conducting test series online and time bound training for online entrance examinations to get into the IIT, IIM, and other prolific institutes. The competition out there is tough, and a student needs access to the best course material to make a mark in the entrance exam. Thus, an easy to use, flexible, diverse and user-friendly learning management system is the need of the hour for many coaching institutes and their students.
However, there are some prerequisite features that make for the perfect education website or software. Some essential features an educational portal should have are:

Live Classes and Lectures (Over Voice and Video)
Teachers should be able to conduct live classes for the course. Several students can join the LIVE class. The timing and schedule of the class should be available on the portal so that the student can enroll and prepare for the lecture in advance. The benefit of a LIVE class is that students can get real-time explanations to their questions and doubts as soon as they strike.

Online Mock Tests
Online mock tests can be very fruitful to understand whether the students follow the concepts and topics explained in the live class. Online mock tests allow the teachers and coaching institutes to evaluate their performance and recommend corrective actions.
For example, JEE mock test and JEE primary mock test can help students crack the final exam and gain admission to premier institutes.

Practice Tests for self-evaluation
Several practice tests should be available for the student for consistent practice and self-evaluation at their own time. For example: If a student is weak in the vocabulary section of a test series online, he can take multiple practice tests to improve his performance in that particular topic.

Assignment Allocation
Teachers give multiple assignments in the offline coaching sessions for the improvement and evaluation of the student. This should be possible on an ideal lecture or class portal along with the feedback of the teachers for the same.

Referral notes and links provided by teachers
An excellent educational platform must have the option where teachers can upload reference links and notes for their students. This saves time for students in case they miss taking notes during the live lecture and also, the students don’t need to make notes for every concept.

Forum to discuss problems and solutions with other students
A forum serves as an excellent platform for students to discuss their topic-related issues and solutions. This acts as a networking opportunity and helps students solve each other’s problems in the absence of the teacher.

It should be available as an App for mobile accessibility
Students are increasingly using mobile for referring to course material, presentations, and lectures. An ideal education portal should be available on the website and an application for best results and utility.

Access to Recorded Lectures
There are innumerable reasons why students might not be able to attend a LIVE class at a particular time. In such cases, the education portal must allow them to access the missed class via recorded sessions in an organized manner.

Progress Tracking of Students
The ultimate goal of all coaching classes and institutes is to help their students fare well in their final examination. Tracking the progress of every student in each of the subject is necessary for this purpose. The optimal educational portal should provide an individual progress chart for every student for the reference of the teachers and parents of the students.

Students can avail the benefits of test series online, LIVE lessons, online mock tests, assignments, forums, and discussions to crack their final examination by using various applications and websites online.

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