Ten tips to make your writing stand out

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Whether you are an author or a professional writer, the writing style matters a lot because the audience’s interest depends on it. As a professional writer, engaging your readers is the most important thing. Have a look at these ten tips to make your writing stand out.

  1. Provide details

If you are talking about your workstation at home with all the products and items that are your favorite, it might be nice to let your readers know those items’ names. Like, your iPad, wireless headphones, etc. While, of course, this tip will depend more on what you are writing for. The critical point here is to be specific and not vague.

2. Use simple words

Don’t search for difficult synonyms for words unless you are looking for something more appropriate that needs replacing the simple words. The more simple your sentences are, the more readers will feel connected.

3. Keep the sentences short

Go easy on the conjunctions. Don’t add too many ideas together in one sentence. Make it short and straightforward. This helps the readers digest one idea in one sentence.

4. Keep the paragraphs short

Our brains are eager to skip paragraphs that are longer. Make reading easier for the brains and break your writing into chunks. More than 3-4 sentences per paragraph would seem unnecessary. 

5. Try to limit to passive voice

Writing in an active voice is not always possible, especially when you don’t have the appropriate subject. But passive voice is indirect and impersonal, so you should make sure you try to change it to an active voice whenever possible.

6. Avoid filler words

Words like just, little, instead sometimes don’t add much significance or value to your writing. Avoid all the fluff words to have a clean writing piece.

7. Avoid repeating the same idea

Even when writing from a different angle, don’t write the same idea twice in the same piece. Your readers will notice it, especially if it is a short post or piece of writing.

8. Outline your writeup

Before you write, structure your content. Write out the headlines and subheadlines. Decide an average number of words that would go into each heading or subheading. Put reference links under each headline that you will use to refer from. Outlining makes writing easier and faster.

9. Proofread

Proofread your work before it reaches your editor. Sometimes writers make mistakes that are hard to understand and even harder to edit. Careful reading after writing is essential to eliminate all silly errors.

10. Write daily

Write blogs, emails, text messages, or even scribbles daily because practice makes a man perfect. The more you write, the more you learn how to articulate your thoughts. 


Follow the tips and see how your writing improves. And don’t forget to read from others. Read books, articles, and thoughts. Use a digital writing assistance platform to further improve your writing skills.

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