Startup Story of Typof – An Innovative Idea turned a reality

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The startup story of Typof is an interesting one. It is the story of how two individuals saw and experienced the problems faced by sellers and consumers due to the pandemic, and came up with an innovative solution! Typof is a startup that allows sellers and small business owners to sell their products to people through live videos. Typof is a cloud-based SAAS that allows small businesses to create ecommerce websites. They also offer custom domains and a live shopping platform for customers. The idea of selling products through an interactive platform online is a new and a unique idea!

The idea of shopping has changed much ever since the spread of Covid-19 in the year 2020. The lockdown throughout the world made it impossible for everyone to buy the products they love at a bargained cost and with the in-person shopping experience. The founders of the startup experienced this personally. Apart from buyers, the sellers also had struggles in selling their products online. With the increasing number of scams online, everybody had trust issues except for some popular websites. This made it hard for the emerging businesses online. A true entrepreneuer is one who builds a solution according to the problems faced by the common public, and true to that, this is how the startup story of Typof began.

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One of the founders, Divya Mallick, previously owned a clothing brand that struggled a lot during the pandemic. This was the first time when she thought of selling her clothes through a live platform. She first started selling her clothes through zoom, which had a massive response from the customer side, as it was trustworthy. They were able to interact and bargain and get an in-person shopping experience. With online interactions, the issues related to the product and transactions were scrutinized closely and solved.

Soon enough, the founders, Trilochan Parida and Divya, previously colleagues, came together and shared their ideas for the business. The startup soon bloomed and is now a team of 5 members striding ahead towards success.The most important part of a business after starting out is how fast it adopts development. A strong core team is always needed to make wonders happen. As Trilochan shares his experience, he says “Hiring employees for a Startup is one of the most tiring processes of all. Still, with freedom and transparency as the core values, Typof has managed to bag young and aspiring talents.”

With a long-term vision to serve the people and benefit from that, Typof is currently striving to get more than 2000 sellers to set up their Marketplace online. “With easy-to-access software at an affordable price, the success of Typof is not very far from visible”, says the co-founder, Divya.

The concept of live online business is relatively new to India. Taking into count globally, Live shopping generated $60 billion in global sales in 2019, with U.S. sales accounting for $1 billion of that slice. Chinese buyers have long supported social commerce. A projected sales increase this year to $242 billion, likely to reach half a trillion dollars by 2023

Typof has also supported social commerce through apps and websites like Taobao Live. Still, it seems the rest of the world is beginning to catch up because COVID-19 accelerated live shopping’s appeal to at-home buyers. In a world under lockdown, live shopping is an experience that most closely resembles in-person shopping.

Buyers can watch people in real-time, try on products and comment, allowing the brand to get feedback instantly. There’s often a human element, like a well-known influencer or personality who acts like a glamorous version of a buyer’s favorite customer support staff. Typof is all set to bring a revolution in the shopping experience of customers and the selling experience of small and big online sellers.

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  1. Empowering small business to go digital for free is awesome.
    They are giving us the opportunity to sell our artwork on our own website. Thank you Typof, Thank you Contentality Services for featuring them.

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