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Skincare routine for men: Here are few tips

skincare routine for men

Do you know that skincare routine for men is a thing? Skincare is an important aspect of healthcare. The importance of men’s skincare has existed for a while now but has garnered massive attention only recently. Beauty and skincare companies have started making products that cater specifically to men. From beard oils to face masks, men’s skincare is a fast-growing market.

If you are investing in a skincare routine for men, it can be pretty intimidating. A skincare routine that is too complex or involves too many steps might become tedious even for women. And chances are you’ll probably end up skipping it at the end of a long day. Keeping that in mind, I present to you a skincare routine for men that you can follow easily.

Morning skincare routine  

Step 1:

Wash your face with a face wash that is appropriate for your skin type. I suggest using cold water to rinse your face off as that helps wake your skin up.

Here are a few products you should consider according to your skin type –  

  • Oily skin – Nivea men all in one oil control face wash
  • Normal skin – Himalaya Herbals purifying neem face wash
  • Dry skin – Cetaphil facial cleanser for all skin types (also good for sensitive acne-prone skin) 

Step 2: 

Moisturize and hydrate. Moisturizing your face nourishes the skin and prevents premature aging. It’s best to pat in the moisturizer on slightly damp skin.

Products you should consider according to your skin type –

  • Oily skin – Neutrogena oil-free moisture combination skin moisturizer. 
  • Normal skin – Beardo ultra glow face lotion for men. 
  • Dry skin – Cetaphil daily advance ultra-hydrating lotion. 

Step 3:

SPF or sunscreen. It is very, very important to wear sunscreen when you go out in the mornings. You can either choose to apply an SPF moisturizer, or you can add a whole another step to your routine of using a full-fledged sunscreen.

Some sunscreens can buy according to your skin type –

  • Oily skin – Re’equil Oxybenzone and OMC-free sunscreen.
  • Neutrogena Ultrasheer dry touch sunblock SPF 50. 
  • Normal skin – Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer with sunscreen. 
  • Dry skin – Lotus Herbals Safe Sunblock cream. 

That concludes a fundamental and easy-to-follow morning skincare routine for men. 

Nighttime skincare routine

Step 1:

It’s essential to wash your face after coming back home from a long day of work. I recommend using high cleaning action face washes for nighttime as these will get rid of all the oil and dirt with ease.

Face washes you can use according to your skin type – 

  • Oily Skin – Beardo activated charcoal face wash. 
  • Normal skin – Neutrogena normal to oily skin facial cleanser. 
  • Dry skin – Mamaearth ubtan face wash for dry skin. 

Step 2:

Using a face wash strips the facial skin of all its essential oils. Hence it becomes vital to use a good moisturizer or night cream which provides ample nourishment without clogging your pores for the night. Pat the moisturizer on slightly damp skin for the best results.

Here’s what you can use according to your skin type-

  • Oily skin – Plum Green tea Renewed Clarity Night gel
  • Normal skin – Himalaya Herbals Revitalising Night Cream
  • Dry skin – Biotique Bio wheat germ youthful Nourishing Night Cream. 

Your skin must feel pampered and healthy by now, which concludes the nighttime skincare routine for men.

Here are a few extra tips

Lip balm:

Taking care of your lips is just as important as taking care of the rest of your face. Any good lip balm serves two purposes: moisturizing your lips and getting rid of uneven pigmentation on your lips.

Here are some products you can consider:

● Ustraa lip balm for men

● Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer SPF 15

● Beardo Choco Mint Lip balm for men

● Saint Beard Lip balm SPF 30

● Nivea Men Active Care SPF 15

Face Scrub:

A face scrub, although not a regular skincare essential, should be used once every week. While your face wash only eliminates the oil and dirt at surface level, a face scrub goes deeper than that. It clears away the dirt from your pores and even gets rid of the tiny bumps on your skin.

With this, I end this blog. I hope you got some tips that can be added to the skincare routine for men.

Note: We do not endorse any brand mentioned. The blog is a general opinion and the results may vary from person to person.

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