Pandemic Inspired Art: 2020 revisited.

2020 has been a year that none of us will forget. The entire world faced a pandemic, and while we’re on the verge of a massive vaccination drive, its impact is still visible.  The second wave has already affected some parts of the world, and new strains of the coronavirus are being discovered. Each person has had a different way to cope with the effects of the pandemic and the lockdown.Artists around the world created pandemic inspired art. Some painted their emotions on an empty canvas, while others created beautiful décor pieces that aligned with the new norms.

Let me take you through some interesting pandemic inspired art pieces created in 2020:

Kimberly A. Kelzer from Freeland, Washington, a furniture maker, came up with a brilliant idea in light of social distancing. Using dyed black fir wood, cinder blocks, and a tape measure, she created a “distancing bench” that enables people to sit six feet apart. This art piece is installed at the end of her driveway. It reinstates the belief that people can still socialize and sit with each other while following social distancing norms.

Cheryl L Zemke from Riverview, Michigan, created this acrylic painting, which brilliantly displays what life post-covid-19 looks like. Masks and gloves have become like body parts. Especially in light of humans’ inherent need for personal contact and intimacy with our close ones, this pandemic inspired art piece is hugely relatable.

Tomas Serrano from Kentucky, a cartoonist, created this digital art that focused on the rising coronavirus cases in New York City. The sun was depicted as the coronavirus that rose over the beautiful city. “Corona Rises” – this painting depicts the very essence of what seemed like new dawn (new year) was actually the beginning of a new pandemic era. Something that none of us were prepared for.

Pandemic inspired art was found closer to home as well. The anonymous artists unleashed their creativity on the walls to share a message. This beautiful graffiti of the corona warriors by an anonymous artist is sure to catch your eye if you pass by the New Delhi roads.

After retiring as a physician, Vasu Tolia, from Michigan, has been invested in creating art and poetry.  He created this beautiful mixed media painting inspired by the pandemic, which he called “World Unlimited.”

His painting signifies the entire world’s effort to develop a unified force against the deadly coronavirus and get it under control!

The creative street artists displayed their talent as well. They made the walls their canvas and came up with meaningful and striking art. Street artist Mue Bon created this pandemic inspired art, which depicts characters pushing themselves to keep the virus at bay!

Pandemic inspired art has inspired people across the globe. Indeed, art sometimes depicts what words cannot express. All you need is the right emotions to understand, portray, or create such magnificent art.

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