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Are you looking for a viable virtual event platform to host virtual conferences or organize hybrid events? With the lockdown restrictions easing around the world steadily, event planners are looking to bring back LIVE events somehow. Many planners have also switched to virtual event platforms to organize hybrid events in order to sustain the reach of virtual events and the charm of in-person events at the same time.

What are hybrid events?

The meaning of the word hybrid is a mixture of two things. In case of hybrid events, it signifies a mix of live and virtual events. Hybrid events would ideally have a live audience present for the event and also have a live coverage so that the audience can see the event through the virtual mode.

Another important thing you must remember when you organize hybrid events is that they are very engaging and interactive so that people joining them virtually can feel the essence of the event as if they are physically present there.

According to a report a whopping 97% marketers are confident that hybrid events will be the way forward.

Choose the Best Virtual Event Platform for Hybrid Events

What makes hybrid events different from others is their ability to serve dual purposes. Attendees can be physically present at the venue or if they have constraints and can’t travel, they can attend the event through virtual event platforms.

The best feature that makes these events unique is that attendees can enjoy the event as per their own convenience. If you are not willing to have a huge number of live audiences especially during these COVID-19 times but want your event to have a massive reach then organize a hybrid event.

Organize Hybrid events using a virtual event platform

  1. Decide the type of event that you want to host

First, it should be decided what type of hybrid event will be hosted. It can be a seminar, conference, a team meeting, team building activity or a product launch. For example, if you are considering setting up a conference that will be joined by employees of your firm from around the world.

Some questions you should have the answer to would be:

  • What subjects or topics are to be covered in the event?
  • Who will be hosting the event and who are the speakers of the event?
  • Is the rough agenda of the event ready?
  • A rough estimate of the expected guest list should be prepared which covers the virtual audience as well as the LIVE audience.
  • Do you have a list of the virtual conference platforms that might suit your requirement?
  • Do you have any sponsors who might take interest in the event?

All of these questions need to be answered and then you must venture to the next step that involves selecting the best virtual conference platform for the event.

2. Select the best virtual event platform

A lot of thought needs to be put in this criterion. Selecting a virtual conference platform that not only alleviates the event experience but also provides significant assistance in the marketing campaigns is important.

Features like a ticketing system, an interactive interface, a stage, sponsor area, social media integrations are extremely crucial for the reach and smooth flow of your event.

3. Organizing the Hybrid event

Once the virtual conference platform is finalized, it is necessary to get into the practical arrangements for the LIVE as well as the virtual conference. Event planners have to make sure the in-person event arrangements are managed along with the virtual conference platform arrangement.

In this phase, the organizers make all the necessary arrangements related to hosting of the event, deciding the timings, booking of the place where the event will be held.

Arrangements for the LIVE audience and sponsors are made. Inviting the virtual audience by circulating the links to the participants for joining on the day of the event through emails or messages is required. Effective follow-up and registration is required

4. Marketing and promotion of the hybrid event

In the case that you are about to organize hybrid events on a large scale, then marketing and promotion of the events needs to be done. Brochures, pamphlets, emails, WhatsApp messages should be rolled out to make people aware of the event.

Catchy slogans and attractive messages are devised in order to attract the target audience. Promote the event on social media via the virtual event platform you are going to use

5.  Post Event Feedback

Collecting post event feedback is essential. Virtual audience can give a great feedback about the virtual event platform and the value they derived from the event.  The in-person audience can talk about their experiences and learning from the event.

Based on the post-event feedback, you can make necessary changes and create better experiences for your audience.

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Organize Hybrid events using a virtual event platform