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indonesian cuisine

The Indonesian cuisine has a comprehensive and distinct variety of soups, snacks, and dips that one can relish. Whether you’re opting for a catering service or going out for dinner, you can choose the Indonesian Cuisine for a flavorful change.

The Indonesian cuisine has a comprehensive and distinct variety of soups, snacks, and dips that one can relish.

Let’s have a look at some of the exotic dishes popular in Indonesia:


Dips are the best choice of accompaniments for your snacks and salads.

  • Peanut Satay Dip

The Peanut Satay Dip is a popular accompaniment to grilled meats and salad in Indonesia. It is easy to prepare and can last several months if stored properly.

  • Sweet Soy Dip

Sweet Soy Dip is relished in Indonesia with grilled meat and deep-fried seafood dishes. It can be preserved for several months.


Indonesian appetizers ranging from savory treats comprising vegetables to soy-sauce dipped barbecued beef and chicken can be enjoyed as snacks any time of the day.

  • Shrimp Paste

The most popular spicy chili sauce in Indonesia used as a dip is the Shrimp Paste Chili Sauce due to its intense flavors.

  • Pan-fried Soybean Cakes

The rich and crispy pan-fried soybean cakes are a nutrition-rich Indonesian appetizer that is easy and quick to make, served best with a sweet and spicy sauce.

  • Corn and Shrimp Fritters

These fritters are the perfect fried appetizers when served with spicy sauces. Made of sweet corn kernels and tiny shrimp in moist batter, they can be enjoyed as a snack anytime.

  • Chicken and Potato Croquettes

Perfect for a dinner party, chicken and potato croquettes might take a bit of time to prepare. Still, they can be frozen and preserved for a long time before actually frying them.

  • Chicken Satays

One of the most delicate dishes of Indonesia, chicken satays, makes for a classy party appetizer. What makes this dish unique is the distinct flavor of the Indonesian sweet sauce added to it.

  • Beef Satays

A popular snack created by ‘Satay men’ across Indonesia, Beef satays are a favorite with the Indonesian population.

  • Fresh Spring Rolls

Unlike the other Asian nations, the Indonesian spring rolls are characterized by a thin, crepe-like exterior constituting a warm chicken and shrimp filling.

  • Savory Cucumber Relish

A tangy condiment, the cucumber relish serves as the perfect accompaniment to meat dishes and appetizers in Indonesia.

  • Chili Eggs

Easy to prepare and crispy when cooked, pouring a sweet and spicy sauce over them makes chilied eggs irresistible.

  • Spinach Tempura

A nutritional and tasty snack, it is prepared by cooking spinach leaves into crisp and flaky tempura.

  • Savory Fish Cakes

Popularly called Empek in Indonesia, the pan-fried fish cakes are enjoyed best with a tangy sauce on the side.

  • Crisp Tofu

When deep-fried tofu cubes are relished with a sweet and spicy sauce, they make an appetizer that is hard to forget!


Indonesian soups can be characterized as nutritious and flavorful. While most soups are light and healthy, others can make up for alternatives to an entire meal.

  • Lemongrass Chicken Soup

Loaded with health benefits, lemongrass adds its unique citrus flavor and scent to the soup, which adds to the soup’s freshness and goodness.

  • Oxtail Soup

Although its popularity has been on the decline, it has a rich texture and can be wholesome. Although simple to prepare, it might take a long time to stew.

  • Mushroom Medley Soup

Highlighting Indonesia’s bold and bright flavors, this soup has a savory taste and a light aroma acquired by the use of refined and fresh ingredients.


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