Future of Battery Testing in India

Lithium ore deposits

The Future of battery testing in India seems to be really bright. Lithium Ore deposits have been recently found in India, which points to the fact that India can be the next big hub of Lithium-ion battery manufacturing soon. Along with that, with the massive amount of skilled workforce it has, India has the potential to set-up any industry and turn it into an international hub.

It is predicted that the next generation will harness more energy through the batteries than the oils. With the increase in manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries and their rising demand, it would be correct to state that battery manufacturing and battery testing have an increasing scope in India.

Here are specific facts that indicate that battery testing has enormous scope in India:

1.) Lithium Ore Deposits

Although the deposit isn’t a large one (merely 1600 kilograms), it brings hope that if proper research is done, there is a possibility to find more significant reserves. Once huge reserves are found, they can be mined. Batteries are a principal thing that is made out of Lithium. This means that more batteries will be manufactured, and the need for testing batteries will also increase massively.

For testing batteries on a large scale with high accuracy, enterprises will need battery testing services in the upcoming future.

2.) Tesla (Electronic Vehicles) is set to launch in India

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla may have its arrival in India very soon. Tesla will launch its EVs (Electronic Vehicles) in India. Those vehicles are expected to have Lithium-ion (or Lithium-Polymer) batteries.

The New Delhi Government has already announced high subsidies for the ones who buy electronic vehicles. The government has decided to give various concessions on registration charges, toll taxes, etc., to electronic cars. This is being done to promote electric vehicles as they don’t emit poisonous gases.

Companies like Mahindra, Tata, Maruti, etc., have also joined in this line, and they are also planning to launch their electric vehicles to compete with Tesla.

With such an enormous customer base, millions of EVs are expected to be sold per year in the upcoming years. With millions of EVs, there will be a massive scope of battery manufacturing and testing.

The things stated above are a soon-to-be reality and favor an increasing scope of battery testing in India.

3.) Increasing demand for electronic (wireless) gadgets

Electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc., are increasing every year. The effects of the pandemic have also made “online” the new normal. India is a nation of youth, and by 2035, we will be one of the most youthful countries worldwide, and the youth is always excited to adopt the latest technology!

Given the above situation, we can be almost sure that the sales of battery-containing devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, wireless earphones and speakers, smartwatches, and other accessories aren’t going down for the next five to six decades at least.

Each of the devices mentioned above will be using (most probably) a lithium-ion battery. With such a considerable number of batteries, companies are sure to look for battery testing services. From this point of view, we can conclude that battery testing services will be a sustainable business in India.

4.) Government policies like Digital India and Start-Up India

The Indian government itself is pushing the digitalization of every sector it has control over. It is also promoting the start-up culture. Both these factors will also cause massive growth in sales of electronic devices. In other words, it will unquestionably push the demand for batteries and battery testing services.

The future of Lithium-ion battery testing in India looks very promising. The time, economy, demography, and government are all set to positively affect large-scale manufacturing and production. One can unquestionably say that setting up a battery testing service plant can yield profitability and growth.

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