Different types of honey – Is it a myth?

types of honey

It is a common belief among people that all types of honey are essentially the same, just like sugar. But is this a reality? Or a myth? This post will talk about the different types of honey and give you insights related to it.

If you are still unaware of it, let me tell you – honey is available in various flavors, and it’s not limited to just two or three variations. You don’t have to worry when it comes to honey because you have not ten, not twenty but over three hundred varieties to choose from. Yes, you heard that right!

Today, there are over 300 varieties of honey in the market to choose from. Each possesses a unique taste, health benefits, and a personality of its own, to say the least!

Honey is usually classified based on the tree of the flower it was extracted from. For example, if the honey is extracted from the Eucalyptus flower, it will be called the Eucalyptus honey. Honey can also be ‘varietal’ if it is extracted from more than one tree.

Today we will be talking about some hot favorites when it comes to honey! Orange Blossom Honey tops the list of hot favorites. It is made from the flowers of the beautiful orange tree.  The orange blossom is a winner with its mellow smell and delightful taste.

Next comes the Eucalyptus honey, extracted from the beautiful Eucalyptus flower. This honey will last on your taste buds long after you taste it. It is best known for its caramelized taste and earthy touch.

Honey varieties can’t end without the mention of the Kashmir White honey. This honey is genuinely a heaven’s product, derived from the exquisite flowers of trees from ‘heaven on earth.’ This honey is genuinely heaven’s product.

The ‘Tulsi Honey’ is a popular variant too. The Tulsi herb is popularly called ‘the holy one.’  It is made by infusing Tulsi (also called the holy basil) with unprocessed honey – it is known for its mind-blowing medicinal properties.

The list of the best kinds of honey will not end without a mystical walk to the wild forests. If you are fond of wilderness, then this next honey is perfect for you. Made from the nectar of various types of wildflowers, this honey will surprise you pleasantly!

These were just some of the great ones amongst the unending list of the different types of delicious golden delight. If you love consuming honey, you should most definitely try them all and pick your favorite! We bet you wouldn’t be able to stop at just one.

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