Copywriting vs Content writing: Major differences

Copywriting vs Content Writing

Many people use the terms content writing and copywriting interchangeably. But are they the same? This blog will throw light on both forms of writing. Let’s have a look.

Copywriting and content writing are closely related disciplines with vast differences in the way both are intended. While there is no difference in the formality of the content, copywriting is more about the style and the intention behind it. It focuses more on short-term goals and significant returns. Content writing is comparatively more informative in nature.

In this post, we will walk you through the three most significant differences between Copywriting & Content Writing so that you can understand whether you need a copywriter or a content writer for your business. With every difference, we have also provided simple examples to make the right pitch when hiring writers.


  1. The Purpose

A copy is written with a purpose. It could be a Facebook Ad, Video Script, or a Sales Letter. Anything that is written to generate sales or conversion is copywriting. On the other hand, content is written to create engagement. It could be a blog post, articles, product descriptions, or informational drafts.

While writing a copy, the end-goal is to increase the conversion rate and sales revenue for a business. On the other hand, generic content is written to create loyalty for a business. A content piece’s goal should be to get comments, shares, and value to a business. With good copywriting, you can get a boost in your sales. With good content writing, you can get a loyal audience that visits you frequently.  


  1. The Direction

Copywriting is one-directional, strategic, linear, and ends with a call to action (CTA). For example, to buy, to call, to subscribe, etc. Content, on the other hand, is multi-directional. It is more like a conversation that touches various aspects of a topic. For example, a blog post may be conversational, keeping the reader in mind and using words & sentences like ‘did we tell you?’, ‘oh my god!’, ‘how do we do it?’ etc.


  1. The Nature

It is important to note that both copywriting and content writing differ in nature. While content writing is aimed to be more relatable and informative, copywriting is aimed to be more promotional. It involves a lot of creativity and lesser research as compared to content writing. It would be best to develop creative taglines, advertisements, and descriptions to generate a compelling Ad Copy. Content Writing requires extensive research, as you are giving out information about various aspects of one particular thing.


As you must have read, the difference is significant! However, as a business, you may decide whether you need one or both a copywriter and a content writer irrespective of whatever business you are into. Copywriting & content writing needs a different skill set.  However, both should contain useful content. Why so? For the fact that the more content value you add, the more brand loyalty you create, making it easy for your business to connect to people.



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  1. Informative one.But the last Tagline I got across seems to be confusing.3 Thoughts shared between both types of writing.Then where is the 4 ? Check out n correct pls.

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