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Content Creation: 3 reasons why it is not working for you

Effective Content Creation

It has often been said that don’t judge a book by its cover, and the same is true for social media content creation. Every client or business looks for a return on investment, when it comes to content creation. Even if you can write the world’s best content, your client still has to follow the fundamental business principles. If he/she doesn’t get a decent return out of the investment, why should they hire you to write an article?

There is one primary challenge in the content writing business. This question is valid not only for content creators but also for everyone who writes their social media content. Suppose you are my reader and are ii investing your valuable time in my content. In that case, you have one question: why is your business is not growing even after writing the best content with the best intention?

Being an avid reader and writer, I read almost ten articles every day, assessing the content creators’ potential. But they often neglect three vital points that can connect their content to the readers’ minds.  

  1. Lack of suspense:

Most of the content creators wonder why their readers don’t read their full article. The answer is straightforward: because they reveal the real suspense at the beginning of the article. If you have revealed the real suspense or the main point, in the beginning, the readers will bounce after reading the main point. There are many other detailed content writing tips that you can follow to create awesome content.

  2. The generalization of the content:

During one of my research, I found that most circulating content on social media is almost repeated on the same concept as to how to write the content. Don’t generalize your concept, as that makes your content the same as others. When I got the message to write an article on content creation, instead of writing about creating content, I started with the different mindset of how content creators and writers can grow their business. Don’t generalize; see how you can have a unique perspective.

   3. The Reader’s Perspective

Most of the content creators write their articles from their perspective about the content, which creates drawbacks. It’s not about what you write in the content, but about how your readers read your content and how they will use it in their business and life. Even if you have written the best content, your client still has professional commitment. He/she is looking for the solution of their business challenges, as most of the content creator has the challenge in growing their business. So, what is the solution? How can you write such content that will help your readers in solving their problems?

In fact, how can I help you in growing your business? What is the importance of content creation for their business? The only answer for the right content to grow a business is writing the content from your reader’s perspective instead of your perspective. Whenever you write an article, always ask yourself one question, why should your readers invest their time in your content? What problems of your readers and clients are you solving with your article? Your readers and clients must feel that you have solved their business problem after reading your article. And this approach will surely provide you satisfactory results.

So, ask yourself how you will solve your clients’ problems with your content? Once you understand the importance of content creation, your content will automatically become more readable and valuable.

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