Being a Freelance Writer – Pros and Cons

being a freelance writer

With a surge of mental health problems arising in a stressful work environment, many people agree that freelancing provides them a way out. Freelancing can bring a good amount of money if done correctly, and sometimes it is a suitable option to be seen as a full-time career.

Being a freelance writer is easily one of the most lucrative freelance careers you can pursue. While it comes with an incredible number of benefits, there’s no denying that a freelancing career has certain disadvantages too!

In this post, I’ll take you through the pros and cons of a freelance writing career and you can see for yourself if it is for you!


  1. Work from home OR basically anywhere

You don’t have to regularly go out of the house to reach your office and spend money on the commute. You won’t have a problem of dressing up or prepping much because you will be in the house and working alone anyway. Being a freelance writer, you can take your workstation with you when you want to go on a holiday and enjoy both work and holidays, at the same time.

Work from the comfort of your couch, a café, a car or even a vaccination queue!

  • You can revolt against the morning

Not everyone is a morning person or likes to follow the typical working routine. Freelancing provides you with flexibility, which allows you to work whenever you want as long as you are meeting your clients’ deadlines. If you feel like evenings are more productive for you or nights are more creative for you, there’s no one else that would stop you. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a schedule.  Schedule and deadlines are important to follow.

  • Unlimited clientele

A freelance writer normally has many skills, such as proofreading, editing, and different forms of writing. While you are working with one client for blogs/articles, you can still work for clients that require technical writing. Or some other clients who are looking for proofreading services.


  1. There’s no stability in income

It is likely that you won’t have an assured amount of money credited to your bank account every month. While that means you will be earning more some months, it also means some months you will be making much less. Sometimes it might happen that you haven’t made a penny because you haven’t worked for anyone. Moreover, sometimes a lengthy project might mean you will get the money only after completion.

  • Getting started can be challenging

The competition is high. Many writers are out there trying- either seriously or casually to make a living by freelance writing. And unless you are doing everything right, the first few months could be hard and demotivating. You have to establish yourself as a writer at first, have a good profile, know the ins and outs and have clients who want to give you a chance.


Being a freelance writer requires determination and dedication. You cannot let yourself be demotivated if you have a terrible month. Apart from that, you will have to reach out and constantly seek clients for opportunities and try out your luck!

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