Copywriting Strategies to Boost your Leads

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Copywriting is the art of persuading prospective customers to take some form of action. Copywriting is the glue that sticks all the components of a digital marketing plan together, including growth hacks, SEO, design, and content marketing. 

Copywriting is a lucrative career if you can convince and convert the readers into customers with your compelling narratives. While a salesman contacts one customer at a time, a copywriter reaches out to all of them at once through magazine articles, advertorials, emails, blog posts, and sale letters. You need to invest a significant amount of time and energy in knowing the tactics and strategies involved in digital marketing to become a proficient copywriter.

Here are a few copywriting strategies for you:

Utilise Smart Headlines:

  • Data specific headlines: 

Make the headlines look rewarding in exchange for the time the reader intends to invest in your blog. Several studies have established that a headline with numbers and data is 73% more likely to generate social engagement and shares

  • Utilize curiosity: 

Induce the curiosity of prospective readers by incorporating the rationale why they should click, read, and share the content. Don’t waste time crafting thousands of words. A single enticing statement is sufficient to draw enough attention from the readers. Words like Tips, strategies, hints, solutions will do the work.

  • Question headlines: 

One of the best copywriting strategies is to communicate the idea of your article through a question. It would help if you crafted an impelling question that immediately drives the reader from the search bar to your blog. This psychological tactic enables the reader to empathize and read your blog.

Email campaigning: 

  • The educational emails: 

Expose your prospects to your expertise first. Build a sense of trust around them with the extensive awareness you have in your field that the customer thinks will assist him. The first email should be providing valuable information to your leads that they cannot afford to skip. 

  • The problem email:

Beguile the leader into clicking on your link by providing valuable information about the problem the reader is going through and offering an easy and intriguing solution to it through email. Persuade the reader into why the issue is worth solving. This creates a sense of urgency coupled with an opportunity that influences the reader to take action. 

  • The Hail Mary email: 

If the chances of converting your leads look slim, it’s time to unveil the Hail Mary email weapon. These kinds of emails include discounts and offers on the quoted price to lure them and to get them on track. If you are not involved in selling products, involve equivalent rewards to get them online. This is the last chance of a lead conversion. So, convincing the leads even with a few offers will avoid them from leaving you altogether.  

Lead magnets:

  • Concise: 

In an era of information overload, you must keep your message concise and simple yet attractive. Ensure that your audience is considered well and accordingly craft an effectively brief message that catches their attention as soon as they read it. One of the best copywriting strategies is to keep it so simple that even the briefest visitor of your blog can’t miss it. 

  • Narrate a story: 

An intriguing story has the power to glue the reader to your blog. This method is beginning to gain prominence as the readers are growing interest to learn some behind the scene stories. 

  • Risk aversion: 

Trigger the Fear-of-missing-out psychology of the readers. This is yet another psychological phenomenon that coerces the reader to take action with the fear of missing out on a valuable opportunity. 

Case studies:

  • Tell a story: 

Testimonies illustrate the effectiveness of the results of your work. Let your audience experience the magic that your job has done for your previous customers. Walk the prospects through an intriguing story that engages them, relates to them, and creates a sense of connection. 

  • Solution specific case studies: 

Expose your readers to the range of services you offer through the problems that you have solved earlier. Highlight the problems and how you have solved them with ease. Specific case studies resonate with the readers who are going through the same phase as that of your past client. 

White papers: 

  • Amazing landing page: 

All your marketing efforts pour down the drain if you don’t have a well-converting landing page. Give your clients a good reason why they should hand over the minutes of their lives by reading your white paper. Ensure it is accessible and readable from all devices. 

  • Leverage speaking opportunities: 

A great way of promoting your white paper is by letting the speakers talk about it at conferences. Ensure that only preliminary information is provided and the potential clients are still left with the reason to visit your blog. 

  • Social media promotions and sponsored stories: 

Social media has become a primary marketing platform. Promoted pages and featured stories sell like hotcakes. 

Converting sales copy: 

  • Choose a focus point: 

Each customer has a specific pain point, desire, and goal. Your prospective client might be facing an AC failure. Enumerate the problems to empathize with the customer without losing your focus. At the same time, don’t overwhelm them with too much information.

  • Use the power of vocabulary: 

Captivate your audience with a simple yet powerful set of vocabulary that enthralls them into your ad and services. Let your words paint the pictures of their pain points. This is another psychological cheat to empathize with the customers. Empathy is one of the effective weapons to connect with your customer. 

  • Identify issues:

Few customers make informed decisions. Enchant them with your knowledge and solutions against their objections. This way, you can easily convince the client as your strategy is unique to a set of your competitive forces. 

          Customers are exposed to millions of pieces of content each day with information overload. How you cut through the noise to drive home the point depends on your marketing ability. You must always be a step forward in engaging your readers to enable them to take action with your copywriting strategies.

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