5 Tips to Get More Projects on Upwork

projects on upwork

Online freelancing has both good and bad sides, but you can enjoy perks like money, freedom, and enough free time if you are doing it right. One of the platforms that makes online freelancing possible is Upwork. However, many freelancers struggle to get projects on Upwork.

Take a look at these five tips that can help you get projects on Upwork.

Complete your profile

Potential clients look for a profile that is 100% complete. Still, you also need to enter extra details and describe your services and accomplishments in a way to convince them. Emphasize your skills and your expertise in your profile. Without a complete profile, you won’t be eligible for badges like Top Rated or Rising Talent.

Stay active

When you are regularly active, you come across all the opportunities that might fit your skillset. Your goal is to make sure clients can seek you out, but it is your job to stay active for that to happen. When you find a job posting that matches your skillset, you can use your ‘Connects’ to submit a proposal. Regularly submitting proposals and staying active increases the chances of your profile showing up in search results.

Try to build a connection with your clients

Whenever you are working with new clients, try to build a long-term partnership rather than just saying goodbye post the task. You can repeat business with them or provide additional services to the clients according to their requirements.

Suppose you are a freelance writer who worked on blogs and articles for a client. But with a long-term partnership, you can offer them other writing services like editing or proofreading. Or different writing services like website content or press releases. 

Having a good connection with clients can also help secure other opportunities. You can ask your clients for testimonials or referrals to other clients.

Build a good portfolio

Your skills, expertise, and accomplishments are what draw the clients to your profile. You can include samples, past projects, screenshots, testimonials, or any other thing that adds value. Try to use the portfolio descriptions to provide and background and narrate a story about how you have helped your clients’ problem.

While choosing a portfolio, make sure it reflects your niche or the jobs you want to work on.

Draft an interesting proposal

Employers are looking for someone who understands their requirements and not just someone who has a matching skillset. Your proposal is your first communication with the prospective client, make sure that it stands out. Understand what they need, their problems, and every aspect of their project and make it your own. Explain to them how you can add value to their project and describe how you will approach their project.


To posses a successful freelancing career, you need patience and positivity all the time. Getting your first client will be the hardest, according to most experiences. But it doesn’t get easier even after your first client; you have to be always stayed active and keep looking for more clients to have a successful freelancing business. But most of all, don’t forget to deliver quality work to your clients.


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