5 Tips to get freelance writing gigs on Fiverr

freelance writing gigs on fiverr

Freelance writing gigs on Fiverr are now gaining a lot of attention. However, things are becoming competitive too, on Fiverr. Sure that Fiverr doesn’t have entry barriers, but you don’t get to pick as the power is with the clients.

However, don’t worry if you are new, we’ve got you some tips to follow.

  1. Create FAQs

You are not the only one who wants to live the dream. So there’s high competition. The big question is, how to make yourself stand out? The only way for you to stand out is to be precise. Clients have specific needs and often like to know enough details before proceeding to hire a writer.

Fiverr lets you create FAQs, and you can make fair use of that by creating potential questions and answering them. If you have worked before and have come across similar questions by various clients, put it up on the FAQs so that potential clients can avoid asking the same, making it a faster and seamless communication.

  1. The reviews are blessings

No matter how experienced you are, you have to start new on Fiverr unless you are getting overwhelming clients in your first week. But here’s an advantage, new sellers hardly come up in searches as compared to established buyers.

To get response from clients for your freelance writing gigs on fiverr, you have to build up your reputation, because the potential buyers will see the reviews and ratings. With these ratings, you can increase your rates and update other aspects of your gigs depending on your workload and quality.

  1. Stay under Ethical Boundaries

As a freelance writer on Fiverr, you will come across many schools or college students asking you to write their essay or paper. This is where you make a decision. If you ask yourself, you will know that students need to do their homework themselves.

Sure, you cannot stop the students from asking for help online, but you can reject them and stay away from a bad reputation. This is just one of the many ethical boundaries that you need to follow.

  1. Make separate gigs

Whether you are writing an article, editing a book, or researching for a blog, all go under writing for a general audience. But, as a freelance writer, you know that is not true. As a professional writer, you research, write, edit, do marketing stuff, and all these are pretty different skills. And you can make separate gigs with different requirements, expectations, prices, etc.

  1. Don’t compromise on the quality

Whether it’s a high-paying client or a low-paying client, always be consistent about the quality of work you provide. Always proofread your appointment at least twice. You don’t want your client to hire a different editor for silly grammatical mistakes and give you low reviews. Quality is crucial in freelancing as this is how clients will refer or come back for your services.


Fiverr is a fantastic platform to earn some extra money, and with the above freelance tips, one can surely achieve a good profit. But if you establish yourself as a professional, you can choose a freelancing career altogether. To be a pro-writer, you have to provide quality services and continuously keep at it.

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