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Dogs: Just Like Humans


If you have a pet dog, it’s evident that you treat them as a family member. And they return love to you as their fur parent. They also have feelings like those of human beings – emotional when hurt or happy.

Like humans, they too can quickly get close to other people. Food is life for them. They love to sleep. Sometimes they play when in the mood; other times, they like to chew on other things. Most of the dogs’ love to run and play outside.

They listen when their human is talking or when they are being told something. They look like children when they are scolded and have a sense of guilt too.

So, when you have a problem and find no one to share it with, you can always talk to your pet dog. They can’t speak to you, but they are good at listening. That’s why they can understand that you’re upset, and they know how to change your mood. They can lighten up your mood in no time.

They also sulk when they are not given what they want. You might turn your back, and sometimes you would want to stay away from them – but they will always wait for you. They will hug and lick you to make you feel loved.

They know what delicious food is but understand what they should not eat. They are often spoiled by food by their owners. Some dogs will hide or run outside the house when told to take a bath because they do not want to take a bath, but most of them love it.

Most dogs are accommodating. This is their way of making their owners feel that they know how to care for the people who take care of them. They also worry when their fur parent gets sick, or something wrong happens with them.

That is why they understand so much, but most of the time, they act like babies. They like to show off their elegance to grab the attention of their fur parent, and they do not fail. They show their talent even more because they know they make people happy as if they are a stress reliever. They do it for their love for their fur parent.

Amazingly, dogs know how to understand humans because they know that they are not just animals but also family. And it is equally remarkable that there are people who understand dogs’ feelings, expressions, and actions because they are the ones who genuinely love dogs!

Edmalyn Rose Petras wrote this blog, and you can check out more of her write-ups here.

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